organic silk dragon jasmine: DAVIDs TEA

Organic silk dragon jasmine

organic silk dragon jasmine by DAVIDs TEA

Organic silk dragon jasmine. I love the name of this tea! It’s like a little poem. Silk. Dragon. Jasmine. Each word is so evocative and magical… when you put them together in any combination, it’s sure to be extraordinary!

Silk. Soft as air. Rich as gold. Strong as armour. Bright as fire.

Dragon. Sleek as silk. Rich as rubies. Strong as armour. Bright as fire.

Jasmine. Soft as air. Rich as dreams. Strong as silk. Bright as moonlight.

This jasmine from the DAVIDs TEA “fair-trade collection” smells dreamy, as jasmine should. It’s not as strong as others I’ve had, but it smells very pure and sweet.

I only steep it for 30 seconds because I can’t bear the thought of all this sweetness turning bitter. I want no bitterness today.

The first sip is fantastically light and pure. No bitterness at all. The perfume is quite delicate. It almost tastes like a white tea, rather than a green. It’s very different from my previous Organic Jasmine Dragontears and Organic Jasmine Green. It’s a silky soft whisper of flavour. A dragon snoozing on a bed of silk.

The after-taste is delightfully clean and floral, but subtle. There’s no overpowering perfume here. If you like your tea clean, pure, and lightly perfumed, this is for you!

As for me, it’s going to fuel the dragon fire that will get me through another night of studying. If it doesn’t put me to sleep first!

tea and studies

organic silk dragon jasmine with studies

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