Meditative Mind: the tea spot

Meditative Mind tea

Meditative Mind by the tea spot

Meditative Mind.  Meditative. Mind.

Noisy neighbours. Wild party. No sleep. Boiling blood.

Grey dawn. Snow clouds. Fog. Haze.

Breathe in. Breathe out.



This one, from, and delivered by Tea Sparrow  is a calming blend of white peony (the leaves), jasmine pearls (the little balls), and moroccan rosebuds (the roses). It smells like honey. A dark, earthy honey… with jasmine undertones.

Meditative Mind tea leaves

Meditative Mind by the tea spot

I think I need lots, so I brew a whole pot. Isn’t it funny that on the greyest, most awful looking days, I always want white tea. It’s so calming. Meditative. Mind.

The taste is of honey and jasmine. Sweet and elegant and rich. It goes well with my blueberry waffles. Comfort food for a disturbed and disjointed start to the day.

I sip my tea and meditate. I breathe. With a clear, calm mind, I write a letter to the landlord.

They say “Revenge is sweet”…    honey and jasmine, baby   😉

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