Chai Americiane: Florapharm

Chai Americiane tea

Chai Americiane by Florapharm

I live on the 26th floor where the wind is howling and whistling and screeching through my balcony windows with hurricane force! I would block the cracks but I can’t find them. Everything that I can seal shut is sealed. I sit here in my ivory tower, serenaded by a windy symphony and wonder which composers were ever inspired by gale-force winds! Chopin has the runs and trills, but lacks the force. Beethoven has the power, but not the ornamentation. Mozart has speed and drive, but is far too rhythmic. This is erratic… now howling… now whining… now a thin, piercing drone… What tea will accompany such shrieking harmonies?

I Google “Florapharm” and actually LOL, for there, on the website header is this quote: “We drink tea to forget the noise of the world…”  Oh… the irony! Today, Florapharm‘s Chai Americiane will be repurposed to amplify, to accentuate, and to complement “the noise of the world”! A new adventure for this tea! How exciting!

I open the package and immediately, the warm, spicy cinnamon and cloves flood my kitchen with their enticing aroma…. and there is the orange too. Mmmmm… luxurious and rich. Heavenly.

I brew the tea as instructed: 1 tbsp for 10 oz for 5 minutes. I like my tea without milk or sugar, “but with black tea chais that’s like taking a bath with your socks on” according to Well then…

I decide to plunge into the first cup with my socks on! Clear and pure! I want to know the tea itself. I will brew the next cup properly, with milk and sugar.

So, this cup is deep and layered. The surface is sweet, with a lovely warm cinnamon. The centre has hints of orange in the dark, rich black tea. And I’m left with a fine cardamom and clove finish that is sweet, mellow, and warm. The interplay of black tea, perfectly balanced spices, and orange peel goes very nicely with the swirling winds!

Next time, I’ll take off the socks and add the sugar and milk. Now… hum along with me…






I received this in my Tea Sparrow box. It may be ordered from, though it is originally blended by Florapharm.

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