Spring Kiss: Sonnentor

Spring Kiss tea

Spring Kiss by Sonnentor (via Tea Sparrow)

Spring is in the air! Finally! After agonizing months of watching every other country break into blossoms and blooms, it has finally arrived in Toronto! About time!

Two awesome things happened today.

First, the blue sky…  Everything else in the world could fall apart and I wouldn’t care a bit if I could only have a blue sky! It may be nothing to you, there in your nice sunny country, but in the land of perpetual grey, the appearance of a clear blue sky is something like catching sight of a rare and beautiful hummingbird. You don’t want to breathe too loudly, or move too quickly, for fear of scaring it away! I want to stand still in the sunshine and just soak it up and store it away for the next time there isn’t any.

Second, my order from TeaSparrow arrived in the mail this morning! Four beautiful teas arrived in a nice, flat, earth-friendly paper box, each labelled with ingredients and instructions. The terrifically tempting teas are:

Spring Kiss by sonnentor.com

Red Rocks by theteaspot.com

Meditative Mind by theteaspot.com

Chai Americiane by myaromatica.com

I’m a bit confused, as the website’s “April” teas are different. But it’s OK…. I’m excited about these anyway.

To match this perfectly gorgeous spring day, and to go along with my walk in the park and my soak in the sunshine, I will start with ‘Spring Kiss’.

This tisane contains lemongrass, peppermint, raspberry leaf, cardamom, liquorice, cornflowers, and rose petals. It’s so pretty! It totally looks like the fresh new crocus buds poking up in the park!

The smell… Wow!!  It’s indescribable! Fresh! Weird! The peppermint instantly clears my sinuses, and there’s also… soap! Some kind of old fashioned super clean, spicy, flowery, aromatic, perfumey soap?? Sometimes it smells like Christmas… like pine, and cedar… and flowers… and wow… my sinuses are so clear! This might replace my allergy pills! Ok… I know I’m rambling. This smells amazing!

I follow TeaSparrow’s steeping instructions: 1 tbsp per 8 oz for 10 min. Can’t wait!

Steeped, the tea is a rich gold colour, and it smells like a lemony-minty- very similar to Tazo’s “Zen” (which contains lemongrass and spearmint).

The first sip is mint, wood, lemon… and something I can’t identify. The liquorice gives it sweetness and depth, and a touch of cardamom comes out in the finish. The peppermint leaves a lasting blast of cool in my mouth. It’s very Spring-y… fresh, light, and cool. Not yet summer, but it’s hinted at.

This rich, layered, aromatic tisane is a perfect complement to a Spring day and a blue sky!

Spring day in the park

April 24 in the park





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