Forest Fruits: Tea 4 U

Forest Fruits tea

Forest Fruits by Tea 4 U

Today I want over-the-top richness and colour and depth and passion! I want life in bright colours, and loud 80’s music! I want fruity berries and lime and ginger because they don’t go together at all! I want giant green earrings and flowery scarves and a shot of tequila! I want an international fan-club and a map of the stars! I want 100 arms and the reach to span continents… to wrap up my precious friends and family in unbreakable bear-hugs under the Northern Lights! I want red lipstick! I want to call everyone “Daaahhhling”! I want some tea!

This flavoured black Ceylon tea from Tea 4 U is something I keep in my fridge for drinking all day long instead of pop or sugared-water drinks. It’s rich and fruity, but not bitter or sour. I’ve never detected hibiscus and rosehips, and that’s fine by me! It’s just a nice black tea with a fruity berriness (I want to invent new words!). Today I wanted something more!

I poured the cold-steeped tea over ice and added a splash of Canada Dry Ginger Ale for bubbles. A teeny-tiny pinch of powdered ginger (I didn’t have any fresh… so sue me…), and a couple of lime slices for colour and punch! I considered mixing in some alcohol, but decided against it, since I do have school work to do. I don’t want to fall asleep… yet. I think it would be good with a little Rye. For now, it’s a refreshing lime-y cool iced tea.  It’s light and delicious and a bit sparkly! Lovely!

Life is precious. Seize the day…  Daaaahhhhling!

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