Sencha: Divine Tea Library


Sencha by Divine Tea Library

Here’s a little poem.

“I am Unicorn born of the sun
who roams the hidden places
who rides the cloud
who tames the beast.
I drink the still waters.
I see the center.
I am the the lawless one
whose name is Submission.
I am the spearpoint of truth.
I am the master of your dreams
and desires~

I am you.” 

-Michael Green (1981) The Unicorn Notebook. Running Press-

This is the front page of a beautifully illustrated journal that my mother gave me when I was about 13 years old, and mad for unicorns. I’ve never written in the book because it seems too precious. It really is beautiful. Instead, over 30 years, I’ve stuffed it full of little scraps of paper, scribbled with my favourite quotations. I have to handle it carefully so it doesn’t rain scattered wisdom all over the floor.

I often think of this poem when I am feeling particularly ‘thinly dispersed’. I need to find the stillness. I need to ‘see the center’. Today I have so many things to do… so many places to go… so many projects that need to be brought into focus… it’s time to sit down and tame the whirlwind.

I’m looking for stillness in a cup of green tea. This Sencha by Divine Tea Library smells fresh and green and vegetal. It smells like grass. That’s good.

I steep it in my new ‘push button steeper’ which I already like far better than my ‘too big teapot’. The tea is a clear, light yellow. The taste is very mellow. It’s soft, slightly buttery… a bit like straw. It’s not a strong, grassy green tea. It’s a whisper… a single breath… a ripple across the water. Barely noticeable unless you are still…  centred.

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