Organic Kukicha: Tsaa Tea Shop


Organic Kukicha by Tsaa Tea Shop

I loved my little home in Japan. Out the front door was a rice paddy where giant dragonflies darted over the tops of bright spring green rice plants. Swirls of bats fluttered around in the evenings, and then millions of tiny green frogs would sing me to sleep with a deafening chorus that made the air hum. Just beyond the fields, white clouds of mist settled into fluffy pockets on mountains of feathery green bamboo. Like a scene from a movie… an alien world… fantastic… dreamlike…

I’m taken there by this tea which smells like the fresh tatami floor in my Japanese apartment. One room was “Western-style” with carpet, a bed, and a wardrobe. The other was “Japanese-style” with tatami mats, futons in the closet, and beanbag cushions on the floor. I liked the tatami room best. It felt clean. It smelled sweet.

This Kukicha looks like cut grass. Kukicha is made from the stems and twigs of the tea plant, rather than the leaves, and is lower in caffeine than other teas. I haven’t tried it until now, so I don’t know what to expect from the taste.

Mmmm… The first taste is sweet, and kind of nutty. It tastes like yellow hay, but also like chestnuts. I might even say it’s a little bit creamy. The more I drink, the stronger the chestnut flavour. It’s nice. It’s smooth, mellow, sweet, fresh. Not bad for sticks and twigs!

It’s also really nice to replace this cold, dark, foggy, rainy, grey, winter cityscape with images of sparkling green rice fields and flitting dragonflies. Another world indeed.

This tea comes from Tsaa Tea Shop.

rice paddy

front door Japan

awful weather

front door Toronto

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