Milk Oolong: Tao Tea Leaf

Milk Oolong tea

Milk Oolong by Tao Tea Leaf

Several friends have pointed out that many of my teas look like weed. I’ve never felt the need to try that stuff… and why would I, when the smell of this tea alone sends me flying?!! I’ve just opened the package and WOW!!!! Blown away by the sweet sweet sweet buttery creamy fresh green aroma! It’s amazing! I don’t even want to drink this tea. I just want to sit here and sniff it all day!! This must be how catnip smells to cats. It smells so delicious, it makes me a little crazy!! sniff… sniff… sniff… sniff…

Why did I wait so long to open this one? I thought it would be boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Some sweet + butter combinations are absolutely divine…. buttery marshmallowy rice krispie squares, buttery sweet summer corn, fresh buttered dinner rolls… shortbread cookies. Mmmmmmm… it’s all in here.

The tea is a beautiful, clear, fresh yellow-green and smells so rich and sweet, waiting for it to cool enough to taste it – is torture! Finally, I take the first sip. It’s bliss. The smooth, creamy buttery taste is just beautiful. Underneath, there is the rich, deep green vegetal taste of the oolong; slightly fruity like a pear or a plum. And then it’s the mellow sweetness which lingers in my mouth long after I swallow. Super rich and complex… this is definitely a new favourite!

If you’re looking for a new high… Milk Oolong from Tao Tea Leaf.  Drink it. Don’t smoke it!

……     on my 6th cup…..   highly addictive……     can…not…. stop……  help… me………




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