organic blood orange pu’erh: DAVIDs TEA

blood orange pu'erh

organic blood orange pu’erh by DAVIDs TEA

Twenty-five years ago, I went on my first overseas trip to England with my mother and my grandmother. We stayed with my grandmother’s cousins in a little town called Horsham, a bit south of London. One morning, for breakfast I opened up an orange, and was alarmed to see that it was full of what looked like dark red blood! I showed my mom and we threw it in the garbage. Clearly, there was something wrong with it! Of course, it was a perfectly delicious blood orange, but we had never heard of such a thing! Our host wasn’t very happy to find the discarded orange in the trash, and had to explain the concept to us.  The whole experience taught me two very important life-lessons. First, blood oranges are delicious, and always a special treat! Second, travel is the best way to overcome ignorance, open your mind, expand your horizons, and see things differently. I wanted… I still want more of both!

My most recent Pu’erh experience was rather off-putting. I couldn’t get past the fishy smell. But today, I’m going to try this much more pleasant-smelling blood orange pu’erh from DAVIDs TEA. Yes, it’s a flavoured tea, but I don’t have a problem with that, as long as the flavour isn’t ‘fish’.

The tea is crumbly, small bits, and the orange smell is rich and deep. It’s not a tangy, citrus-y orange, but an earthy, full-bodied, blood-red orange with a wrinkly peel!

The taste is mellow, earthy, with a hint of licorice. The orange is just as it smells… deep and rich, with no sourness or tang to it. The pu’erh gives a feeling of earth, iron, and ancient forests. It’s a nice hearty cup for a cold grey day.

This comes from DAVIDs TEA, and is part of the ‘fair-trade collection’.

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