guayusa: DAVIDs TEA


guayusa by DAVIDs TEA

I wasn’t going to write a post today. Too much else to do. But this one is just so weird, I have to blog it!

Guayusa is not technically tea. It’s a plant grown in parts of South America which is high in caffeine, and according to DAVIDs TEA, packs “an incredible burst of energy”. As I said, I have a lot to do. Thought I could use the energy… and not being a coffee drinker… this could do the trick! They also say it’s gentler on the stomach than some other teas, so that’s a good thing.

The ‘tea’ looks very pretty, and almost glittery! It reminds me of that sparkly glitter nail polish with the little flecks in it… that looks awesome… and never comes off.  OK… back to the point! This looks like confetti. And it smells like green grass.

When I brew it, it smells like green vegetables! Asparagus! Broccoli! And the colour of the tea is a deep olive green… like asparagus!


steeped guayusa

I have no idea what to expect for taste. Let’s see…

Well… It definitely tastes like vegetables. Canned green string beans. It’s a mild, green vegetable flavour. It’s not strong. It’s not bitter. It’s not sweet. Somewhat grassy… string beans and asparagus. I guess it’s not bad if you like your veggies… which I do. But it’s definitely NOT for those with ‘greenveggiephobia’! (you know who you are.)

I really hope that caffeine kicks in soon, because I have a mean day of studying ahead of me.

This guayusa comes from DAVIDs TEA and is organic, AND part of the ‘fair trade collection’.


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