Organic Jasmine Dragontears: Tsaa Tea Shop

Jasmine Dragontears

Organic Jasmine Dragontears by Tsaa Tea Shop

What would make a dragon cry? A torn wing? An undercooked Knight? A stolen  “Preciousssssssssss”? The wisdom of  Youtube tells us only this:

but I have to dig deeper to find the real story. Finally, I discover “The Legend of the Dragon’s Tears“. A lovesick dragon, a beautiful maiden, footprints in the sand, tears wept, turned into pearls, a glowing necklace… aahhhhh love!

These beautiful little Jasmine Dragontears from  Tsaa Tea Shop smell absolutely divine. The pearls unfurl in the teapot to reveal a bud and two leaves. The jasmine is sweet and floral, with a hint of caramel in my mouth. That’s new to me! The finish is clean and fragrant. What more can I say about Jasmine tea? It’s elegant.

What a lovely start to the day…

Jasmine Dragontears

Jasmine Dragontears in Grandma’s teacup

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