Genmaicha: Divine Tea Library

Divine Tea Library: Genmaicha

Genmaicha by Divine Tea Library


Simple pleasures. It’s all about simple pleasures.

There’s allllll the STUFF. You know… whatever STUFF you got… the STUFF that all happens at once, and threatens to rip the sails right off your boat.

And then, there’s tea.

The day is cold and wintry grey with a smear of red across the horizon. “Red sky in the morning… sailor’s warning”… said Grandma. “Forewarned is forearmed”  say I.

Today I arm myself with a simple “peasants’ tea”.  A warm mug, and a warm blanket are my protection against the elements. Here comes the snow… again.  Heavy. Thick. It passes, but the red sky warning still hangs above the lake. It’s a day to be wary… to play it safe…  to keep watch.

Genmaicha is a simple tea. It’s not fancy, elegant, or expensive… not reserved for emperors and kings. It’s green tea and toasted brown rice. Simple. It smells like green tea and toasted brown rice. Simple.

Brewed, it smells like “Puffed Rice” breakfast cereal. I don’t think there’s much that could go wrong with this tea. There are no overpowering, or competing flavours… no bitter acids or tannins. It’s a warm, toasty, cereal taste. Brown rice, brown bread, warm toast, puffed grain, toasted wheat… these all come to mind. Comfort food. Simple pleasures.

Armed for the journey… the day begins.

This Genmaicha comes from Divine Tea Library.


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