grape expectations: DAVIDs TEA

grape expectations by DAVIDs TEA

grape expectations by DAVIDs TEA

Remember when you were a kid… and on hot summer days, one of the neighbours would set up a sprinkler on the lawn, and all the kids would put on their bathing suits and run through the  water, screaming because it was so cold… and inevitably, your legs would get covered in little bits of green grass from the last mowing… and then you would go home and be hungry, and fix yourself a peanut butter and jam (or jelly, if you were lucky) sandwich… remember that? Yeah, this tea tastes like that!

I walked up to DAVIDs TEA today (free cup of tea if you’re wearing green), and the two teas on tap were “green and fruity“, which I have already reviewed on this blog, and “grape expectations” which I have not tried… however, I did just recently review “Grape Sencha” by Tsaa Tea Shop. So, I took the grape tea, and secretly wondered “what’s with all the grape tea lately?”  Is this the newest, hottest trend in tea? I find it a little weird. Not bad… just strange.

This green tea has raisins, cornflowers, and natural grape flavouring. It smells like grape. The taste is surprisingly fresh and sparkly! I was expecting it to be artificial, but the grape has a nice, crisp Concord flavour which is a little more sophisticated than a more artificial grape. The green tea comes through, too! It’s green and grassy. The fresh green grass, and the cool Concord grape actually complement each other quite well, and when I got home with my groceries and unpacked my Pirate peanut butter cookies, I realized that the Concord grape together with the cookies… should make a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich combination! The grassy green just fuels the memories, making it that much yummier! Clearly, this is the way grape teas ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DRUNK!! Now, it all makes sense!

Now that I’ve discovered the secret to “grape expectations”, I think I need to go back to the “Grape Sencha” and give it another shot; steeped a little lighter to reduce both the artificialness of the grape, and the bitterness of the sencha. Brew it lighter, add peanut butter… I’m sure it will be better!

So, to all those who are afraid of the grape… go ahead and try it! It makes a great PB&J combo!

Big THANK YOU to DAVIDs TEA for the free cuppa, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

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