Organic Keemun: Tea Classico

Organic Keemun by Tea Classico

Organic Keemun by Tea Classico

It’s a bright and sunny day today and I’m feeling adventurous! I’m breaking out the Keemun!

This is a new one for me, and I have to admit I’ve been a bit nervous about it. I’ve slowly come to the realization that I’m not a huge fan of black teas. I usually find them too bitter. I enjoy the pure, fresh taste of tea with no sugar or milk… but often need both in black tea. I don’t often prepare it.

Back in the 70’s, my father would sometimes take me into a little shop in the mall called “Whif ‘n Puff” which sold loose pipe tobacco. I guess it was fashionable to smoke a pipe back then and while I have hazy memories of beautifully carved pipes of all shapes and sizes, and rows of glass jars full of various colours and textures of tobacco, the one thing I can never forget is the smell of that shop. Sweet, spicy, floral, perfumed, exotic tobacco. Now, I’m the last person on earth to romanticize tobacco and its disgusting effects, but there was something about that unmistakable aroma that has stuck with me forever. When I open this tea, it instantly transports me back in time 40 years to that little shop, and my dad, in our living room, lighting his pipe! Talk about a time machine!!

What I mean to say is that this tea smells dark and rich and exotically perfumed. It smells of raisins and currants and molasses and dark spices… cloves… mincemeat.

I expect it to taste dark, bitter, rich, and fruity… let’s see…

Well, it is dark and rich, but it isn’t bitter at all, which is a pleasant surprise! I don’t need milk or sugar. What surprises me is the smokiness. I didn’t detect that in the smell, but it definitely has a light smoky, nutty flavour which reminds me of the Lapsang Souchong from Tea Classico. But it’s not only smoky… there is the richness of dark berries… blackberries, currants, grapes. The after-taste is like a burnt caramel… a little sweet, a little smoky… rich.

A very big Thank You to Tea Classico for supplying me with another great tea, and sending me one step further on my tea journey!

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