Grape Sencha: Tsaa Tea Shop

Grape Sencha by Tsaa Tea Shop

Grape Sencha by Tsaa Tea Shop

It’s March in Toronto, and the weather looks like this:

March in Toronto

March in Toronto

And I hate it. You would too, after 5 months of it. What you can’t see in the picture is the wind shaking my building so hard that the chandelier is swaying back and forth like it’s on a ship! From where I’m sitting, it’s total whiteouts. I can’t see the park, or the lake. Nothing past these three buildings. It’s only getting worse. Miserable… miserable… miserable…

Hey! Grape Sencha!! Two words I cannot even imagine together in one phrase; Grape…    Sencha…    weird!!

Well, it’s pretty to look at, with bright red raspberry pieces, little fluffy purple flowers, whole raisins, and bright green sencha. It certainly looks bright and spring-y. And it smells like purple popsicles! What’s not to love?

It steeps to a nice light golden-green colour, and it smells like those little round suckers on a stick… grape candy… It’s very interesting. I taste both the purple grape, and the green tea. I’ve over-brewed it though, and the sencha is slightly bitter. It overwhelms the sweetness of the grape flavour. This tea needs a shorter steeping time. I think it would be nice chilled, on ice, or maybe even frozen into home-made popsicles. I’d add raspberries.

As I drain the cup, the grape lingers in my mouth, reminding me of all the purple popsicles I’ve ever eaten. They used to cost a dime and you could split them in two, and save half in the freezer for later. You could share them with your brother… but only IF YOU HAD TO! That taste is unforgettable. It’s in this tea. It is fairly artificial tasting, so that might be off-putting for purists. It doesn’t bother me. I wanted something ‘different’.

Well, the tea can’t do anything about this blizzard, but for a moment it sent me back to summer days and summer popsicles, so it’s an escape… of sorts. I think I’ll save the rest for a hot summer day… if it ever comes… 4 more months from now.  *siiiiiiggghhhhhhhh*

This Grape Sencha is from Tsaa Tea Shop.

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