Baroness Grey: Divine Tea Library

Baroness Grey by Divine Tea Library

Baroness Grey by Divine Tea Library

Today I need to create something out of nothing; otherwise known as “Lesson Planning”. And not just one lesson… a whole course. Course Planning. All teachers will recognize the agony of this process; to make something interesting, informative, fun, or even inspiring, out of the tediousness of grammar, reading, and vocabulary… *sigh*… Of course, we also experience the joy of seeing the lights flicker on in our students’ eyes, and it makes the process worthwhile, but honestly… lesson planning… requires magic.

I’m looking for a little bit of magic today. I need to escape the laws of gravity, turn the earth upside down, shake out the loose change from behind the cushions, and light up the sky with fireworks. I need a magic wand, and the colour purple, and an electrical storm snapping at my head. Now, what kind of tea does all that??

This “Baroness Grey” looks like magic. Just look at those colours! Blue, purple, green, white, and that exquisite fire and fuchsia rose petal! This is a black tea, with orange pieces, cornflower, rose petals, and lime leaves (and ‘Natural flavours’, but I’m going to ignore that part because I don’t want to evaporate the magic).

I open the package and…LIME!!! LIME!!!!! LIME!!!!!!! LLLLIIIIIMMMMEEEEE!!!!! WOW!!!! There’s the electrical storm I wanted!!!

OK ok ok ok … I let it air out for a bit, until I can finally smell the bergamot under the lime. This is going to be very interesting. Can’t wait to brew it! It definitely has my attention… brain is BUZZING!

Baroness Grey in teacup

Baroness Grey in Grandma’s teacup

Brewed, it smells more like the traditional Earl Grey (which I LOVE), but the gorgeous bergamot aroma has a definite kick of lime to it. It’s very rich and layered.

Ahhh… the taste. There is the nice floral/fruit of an Earl Grey, but the background is a dark, leafy, lime. It’s not a sour, biting lime, but more like a deep, velvety, shadowy lime. I love it! It leaves a lime-y after-taste that is quite intoxicating! If this doesn’t help with my magical lesson-planning, nothing will!

So… Abracadabra! Alakazam! Let the magic begin!!

This tea comes from Divine Tea Library who say it is “squeezed with lemon”, but it’s all lime to me. Love to hear your thoughts on it!

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