Organic Baozhong Oolong: Tao Tea Leaf


Organic Baozhong Oolong by Tao Tea Leaf

You know that expression? “When life gives you lemons… Make… Oolong tea.”

Well, I’ve had my share of lemons this week. Everything is out of control. Nothing is going as planned. Everything is requiring all my energy to re-direct, re-define, re-vamp, re-think, re-plan, and re-work. It’s all got me so twisted in knots, I can’t re-lax, or rest! Here’s hoping this twisted tea will remove some of the twisted complications from my life!

This tea has a very pleasantly sweet and faintly floral smell. But not a big, bold flower, like rose. It’s more of a delicate little flower, like violets or lilacs…something light and fluttery. It reminds me of spring… and butterflies.

Once brewed, it’s a light golden green colour, and smells faintly of straw. The taste is very mild and pleasant, with sweet floral notes. I don’t taste the oxidization of a stronger Oolong, nor the grassy taste of a green. It’s just mild and soothing. I think I can feel the ‘untwisting’ in my spine.

So with a little spring breeze in my belly, I’m off to crush some lemons…  Life… you’d better just cool it!

This tea is from Tao Tea Leaf.

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