organic rooibos: DAVIDs TEA

Organic Rooibos by DAVIDs TEA

Organic Rooibos by DAVIDs TEA

Brrrrr!!! It’s c-c-c-cold in here!! I sat here shivering for an hour before it finally occurred to me that all of the windows were open! Ooh! Time for some tea to warm me up!

Looking through my stash, I find this bright red Rooibos from DAVIDs TEA. It looks waaaarrrrrrmmmm. And since I’ve already drunk a full pot of tea today, I don’t want any more caffeine. Rooibos is just the thing!

When I open the tin, I think it smells like wet fall leaves. I happen to think that’s a good smell. If you’ve ever dragged your feet through piles of colourful fallen leaves on a cool fall day in southern Ontario, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The sound… the smell… the colour… the crisp chill in the air… Fall is my favourite season. Much better than this never-ending season of grey.

I brew it and serve it up in my Grandma’s teacup, which makes me happy. It smells leafy, woody, healthy. The taste is sweet and velvety, with an after-taste of…. OLIVES?? Yes, you heard me… olives! I’ve been trying to place it. Grass… a little. Wood… a little. Fruit… cherry… rich… musk… what is that? What is it? OMG! It’s olives! This tea tastes like mild, red kalamata olives! Now that I have that in my head, it’s unshakable! Is it supposed to taste like olives? Am I the only one who thinks so?

I suppose this will deter some people, but that’s not my intention. I really like the tea. It’s sweet and clean and caffeine-free. I like to think of the olive taste as enhancing the flavour… like an olive in a good martini. That’s what makes it interesting!

This tea is available at DAVIDs TEA and is part of the “free-trade collection”.

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