Kyoto Cherry-Rose: Divine Tea Library


Kyoto Cherry-Rose by Divine Tea Library

It’s a happy happy day! I got an ‘A’ on my biggest, most terrifying assignment to date, along with good, positive feedback, and I’m so relieved!  This calls for a happy tea!

This is the happiest tea I know! It smells like sweet cherries and elegant roses and bubblegum! How happy is that?! It smells like when the sky is all glowing pink with floofy little bunny slipper clouds spreading out for miles and you have to stop your car by the side of the road to get out and just stand there in awe of such breathtaking beauty and it feels like you could just die of happiness right then and there and it wouldn’t even matter because everything is so pink and lovely. This tea smells like that.

For all that pink though, this is a green tea, and it steeps to a clear rosy orange colour. The smell…I don’t even need to drink this tea… I could just sit here and smell it all day and be perfectly happy.

The first sip is WOW…It actually makes me literally LOL! I can’t even explain how  delightful this is!! Bubblegum and roses!! And the after-taste is of Cherry Chiclets!! Do they still make that?  I can’t get enough! I may have to buy this in mass quantities!

So, need a little happiness and glowing pink skies in your life? You MUST get this tea! I cannot recommend it highly enough!

This tea comes from Divine Tea Library.

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