Organic Tangerine Ginger: Tao Tea Leaf


Organic Tangerine Ginger by Tao Tea Leaf

I’ve caught that winter cold. Nasty. Stuffy head, drippy nose, swollen throat, can’t breathe, can’t taste. That one.

My plans for tonight’s lovely, wonderful  Winterlicious dinner… down the drain. Instead, I will stay home and sulk.

Oh, I’ve got ALL the home remedies on the go! Ginger ale by the gallon! Lemons and limes! Lemon and honey! Lemon and ginger! Orange juice! Chicken soup! Garlic! Honey and garlic! Yogurt! Vitamins! Oil of Oregano! Hydrasense! Vick’s Vapo-Rub! I’m loathe to try my friend’s recommended Japanese cure-all….sake with raw eggs.  I’ll pass on that one. Thanks anyway.

Since I will be staying home, lying low, curled up in bed with a movie and a book, I’m looking for a nice soothing, comfort tea to make it all better. Something healthy… ginger… citrus… herbal…

This Organic Tangerine Ginger sounds like just the thing! Everybody knows that ginger is good for colds! And it smells so deliciously crisp and tangy. In fact, I had to separate this tea from all the other teas in my cupboard. It smells sooooooooo strongly of tangerine, I was afraid it would flavour the other teas. It now has its own special tin. It smells like that orange drink from the 70’s… Tang! It was the drink of astronauts! Or something like that. Do they still make that stuff?

With little bits of ginger, hibiscus, rose hips, licorice root, and other fruits… this herbal blend is caffeine-free.

Brewed, it’s the colour of blood-orange. It smells orange-y, rich, and full-bodied on the surface, but underneath, there is a deeper, darker whisper of ginger. Just what the doctor ordered!

This first sip is sweet orange and surprisingly earthy. The hibiscus and rose hips smooth out the acid of the citrus. I don’t taste the ginger yet. I’ll keep drinking until I do.

Ohhh, this is very interesting! Drinking it, I taste the orange and the earth. Then the aftertaste is sweet, sweet, sweet… that must be the licorice. But at the back of the throat I start to feel the heat of the ginger. I don’t taste it, so much as feel it. This layering of flavours is really surprising and delightful. Fresh and fruity and sweet, with a little afterburn!

OK, back to bed! Got my tea, my book, my blankie… I’m all set for a ‘sick day’. Too bad about my dinner!   Aaaaa-chooo!

This tea comes from Tao Tea Leaf.

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