Japanese Sencha with Matcha: Tea Leaves


Japanese Sencha wiith Matcha by Tea Leaves

Mmmmmmmmmmmatcha!!!! OMG… I’ve missed Matcha! There is nothing in the world like it!

Sssssssssssssssssencha!!! OMG… I love sencha, and drink it often. It is a staple in my tea cupboard.

This is a marriage made in heaven, and I’m glad I was invited!

I found this at the Toronto Tea Festival in a booth from Stratford, Ontario. I was immediately drawn to its bright green colour and fuzzy, powdery look, (looks like Oscar the Grouch!) and when I picked it up to sniff, it was heaven! I had been looking at a lot of Chinese teas and a lot of Oolong teas, and this was a booth with a good selection of Japanese green teas…my fave! I started talking with the woman who turned out to be the owner of Tea Leaves -Tea Tasting Bar in Stratford, and who is a certified tea sommelier (so jealous!). When I told her how much I missed the green teas and matchas in Japan, she held the tea up to my nose and said “Oh… then you MUST inhale deeply….” as I thought I might pass out from sheer pleasure! But I balked at the price… and walked away.

I sat in on two seminars: “Buried Treasures” by Bill Kamula which looked at historical teaware in the ROM, and “Tea Infused Cocktails” by Dan Johanis and Trevor Burnett which gave everybody free tea and alcohol! What more needs to be said?! Both seminars were interesting, funny, and informative, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that heavenly green tea! I had to have it!

Apparently, many people find matcha too bitter, but I have never found it so. Brewed at a lower temperature, this is sweet and green and pure. It doesn’t taste like grass… it doesn’t taste like fruit… it doesn’t taste like herbs… it tastes like sencha and matcha. It’s divine. The second infusion is even more sweet and mellow. I will probably take 3 or 4 infusions of this one to extract all the deliciousness! It is deeply, deeply calming. Oscar without the Grouch!

This tea comes from Tea Leaves.

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