White Moon: Basilur

White Moon tea

White Moon by Basilur


Whoah!! Wow!! Freaky!! Cool!!

About a year ago, I discovered completely by accident, that if you have a mouth full of dark chocolate and then take a swig of hot peppermint tea, you get the most delicious, melty, swirly, chocolate minty taste… better than mint-chocolate-chip ice-cream! It blew me away! It was soooooooo good! It became a habit. I used up all my peppermint tea this way.  This “White Moon” tea has neither chocolate, nor mint, but blows me away with its own special combination of flavours. Let me explain….

Meet “Milky”:

Milky Candy

Milky Candy

This was probably my favourite candy in Japan. It’s a chewy taffy with a smooth, sweet, creamy taste… kind of like the sweetened condensed milk that goes into “Hello Dolly” cookies… another childhood fave!

If I had a mouth full of ‘Milky’ candy, and then took a swig of hot green tea, I think it would taste exactly like this delicious, creamy, “Pure green tea Milk Oolong” (as the box describes it).

I had never heard of ‘Milk Oolong’, and when I found this at the Toronto Tea Festival, the smell was so weirdly enchanting, I couldn’t walk away. I can’t even explain it. It smells like milk. But it smells like green tea. And it smells like shortbread cookies (Peek Frean). And it even smells a little like Jasmine. I was utterly confused about it being both ‘green’ and ‘oolong’. I didn’t know that was possible. I had to buy it and find out what was going on here. 

Brought it home and did some research. ‘Milk Oolong’ isn’t made with milk, and has nothing to do with milk, other than its unique creamy, milky taste. But this doesn’t explain the green/ oolong connection. If green tea is unfermented, and oolong is fermented… how does this work? I’m still confused. Internet… you aren’t helping any! Tea experts are welcome to comment and enlighten me!

In the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying this bizarre hybrid green tea/ milk tea/ oolong tea…whatever!! It’s one of the most interesting teas in my cupboard. I’d love to get someone else’s opinion on it!

I’d like to do a little experiment… if I only had some “Milky”!

This tea comes from Basilur.

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