SourSop: Tea 4 U

SourSop by Tea4u

SourSop by Tea4u

Soursop tea. Yes. I have no idea what that means. I wouldn’t know a soursop if I tripped on it, and I certainly wouldn’t know what to do with it if I had it. Looking at the picture on the teabag, I suspect it is the same as those little green sour candies that my Chinese students sometimes give me… but I may be wrong. I don’t think a lot of Anglo-Canadians have grown up eating them… or drinking them… or whatever it is that you do with them.

I have no idea what to expect from this, but the combination of ‘sour’ and ‘tea’ is both intriguing, and alarming!

I open the pouch and this teabag smells like a perfume-y, fruity combination of grape jelly, sour granny smith apples, and lychee. Is this tea? It’s quite overpowering, and I can’t imagine where the tea comes into play. It’s so strong, it’s kind of giving me a headache. I’m scared.

It brews FAST, and now it smells like grape jelly.

The first sip is MUCH better than the smell! It tastes like tea! Regular black tea! But there is a nice, mysterious kind of fruity sweetness that is hard to pin down. Almost lychee, almost sour plum, almost grape… but still tea! It’s unique. I’m thinking this would be good cold, or mixed into a summer punch…with raspberries. It might be good in a cocktail, with vodka!

And speaking of booze… I just returned from the Toronto Tea Festival (more on that later) where I attended a seminar entitled “Tea Infused Cocktails” by Dan Johanis and Trevor Burnett, and where we were treated to a delightful cocktail of apple-cinnamon-spice tea with ginger ale and gin, and a slice of lime, over crushed ice. It was AMAZING! I am totally inspired to start messing around with tea-infused syrup and hooch! What a divine combination!

So, the festival was good, and I’m exhausted, and I came home with enough teas to fuel this blog well into the next decade! Looking forward to…..ooohhhh I’m not gonna spill the beans now. All will be revealed in time. Wait and see!

Now… to get better acquainted with my soursop tea….

This tea is from Tea 4 U.

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