High Mountain Green: Tao Tea Leaf


High Mountain Green by Tao Tea Leaf

I AM SO EXCITED!! Tomorrow I’m going down to the Toronto Tea Festival (started today) and I can’t wait! I hope I come home with lots and lots of samples and piles and piles of “Coconut Oolong” from “Tsaa Tea Shop“! I hope there are lots of freebies! I hope there are lots of new teas to taste! I hope I learn something new! I hope they let me in the door!!!


I didn’t buy a ticket because I didn’t know if I would be in town. So now I have to pay at the door….danger….danger…. I saw the lineups last year and it doesn’t look like fun. Somebody PLEEEEEEAAAASSEEEEE let me in!!

I’ll go down early and try to be one of the first in line. I wonder if people camp out for a tea festival? Maybe I can bribe somebody!

I’m so excited… I’m feeling kinda high… high on top of a mountain… mountains… I miss the mountains. There are no mountains here in Toronto. But there is “High Mountain Green” from Tao Tea Leaf, and that’s enough to take me there!

I got this at last year’s Toronto Tea Festival and never opened it. It seems like a good time to try it, just before I go in search of more treasure! Opening the packet, I’m surprised to find curly tea! These delicate little curls smell fresh and green, and almost perfumed, but as I inhale deeply, I find the characteristic scent that instantly tells me it’s a good green tea: it smells like Peek Frean Shortcake cookies. I know that probably doesn’t make sense to anybody else on the planet, but to me, really good green tea and green tea ice-cream  always smell like Peek Frean shortbread. I can’t explain it. It’s weird. But that is how I know if it’s a tea worth drinking. This one is!

I brew it up and it’s a pretty, fresh, yellow-green colour. It seems to take a bit longer to fully steep. I leave it for almost 10 minutes. The taste is soooooo fresh and pure. It’s  bliss!

I inhale deeply, sip my “High Mountain Green”, and imagine myself back in the green bamboo-covered mountains of Yamaguchi… clouds of mist floating on the mountainsides… sparkle of rice paddies in front of me… the deafening song of a million little green frogs… dragonflies…

This tea is from Tao Tea Leaf.

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