pink flamingo: DAVIDs TEA


Gone home to Mom and Dad’s house for a while, and get to raid THEIR tea cupboard for a few weeks! Yay! It’s wayyyy more fun to explore somebody else’s tea stash! We are right splat in the middle of the snow belt, and getting a mini snowmageddon today. It just hasn’t let up! So, we’re housebound, and dreaming of warm sunny getaways…Florida…Cuba…anywhere but here.

I found this pretty-looking tea (not tea at all…herbal infusion) called “pink flamingo” by DAVIDs TEA. I’ve been wanting to try this one for a while, so opened the tin with great anticipation. It smells like pink lemonade! Fruity and citrusy…orange a bit stronger than lemon. Juicy!! It smells happy and tropical…a nice escape!

I brew it up and it’s PINK! Both the colour and the name instantly remind me of Las Vegas! A few years ago, I won a 3-day trip to Vegas and we stayed at “The Flamingo”. Two words: Pink. Neon. It was nice and sunny and warm, and we drank pina coladas on the patio at 10:00 AM and got brain-freeze. I look out the window and there is snow up over the knees and blowing whiteouts… *sigh*

This tea tisane smells like Neo-Citron. It smells like it should be clearing my sinuses! But the smell is much stronger than the taste. You inhale this tea more than you drink it. The first sip…I don’t taste anything. Sip again…there is a mildly sweet citrus aftertaste. It’s only by inhaling the citrus that you have any sense of the taste. I wish it was stronger. It’s light…feathery…pink flamingo.

I think this tea would be better as a cold tea on ice, or backed up with some booze. Actually, I’m seeing it as a summer cocktail with some club soda, a splash of gin, and OH YES! Served in one of those pink flamingo plastic cocktail glasses from the dollar store! With a slice of lime and a cherry! Sweet!!

Somehow this tea blog has veered off into “Margaritaville”. Cabin fever does that to ya!

This tea is available from DAVIDs TEA.

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