organic green rooibos: DAVIDs TEA


Look deeeeeep into my eyyyyeessss… you’re getting very sleeeeeeeeeeepppyyyyyy….

OK, maybe you aren’t. But I certainly am. I’m so tired. And at only 2:15 pm, it’s the perfect time for a little afternoon nap. Of course, I should be vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, taking out the recycling….but I’m so sleeeeepppyyyyyyyy….  I decided to have a nice quiet little cuppa lullaby before  flaking out on the futon. I want something gentle, mild, quiet, not heavily flavoured. Something to sing me to sleep in whispered tones.

This organic green rooibos certainly LOOKS like the tea I want, with it’s light sage green colour. It looks so sweet and clean and light! This must be the one! And rooibos is naturally decaf, so it might do the trick!

I open the tin, and it smells quite strongly of sweet sweet grass, and … cherries. That’s weird. Can’t wait to brew it and see what happens…

Hmmmm… steeped, it’s a rich golden colour, and it smells like straw. When I was a kid, my family went to Canada’s Wonderland (waaaayyyy back when it first opened) and I got this “Mexican sombrero” with little black and white fringe balls all around it. It was probably extremely ridiculous, but I loved it because it smelled soooooooo good! Like fresh straw! This tea smells just like that! It takes me back to Canada’s Wonderland when I was about 9 years old, with a big, crazy sombrero on my head! Smell is the gateway to memory! But can it sing me to sleep?? Let’s find out!

The first sip is fresh, clean, mildly grassy, a tiny hint of sweetness. It’s very subtle. If you aren’t accustomed to mild, subtle teas, you might think it tastes like ‘nothing’. It doesn’t have the smooth, soothing flavour of chamomile, but I do appreciate its clean, pure flavour, with no strong additives or after-taste. A good tea for cleansing the palate…for clearing the mind…for meditation. One of the mildest teas I’ve had. Almost as mild as my beloved “Silver Needles”, but with straw.

Yaaawwwwwnnnnn…ok…off to find a pillow….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This tea is from DAVIDs TEA and is part of the “fair trade collection”.

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