fantasy island: DAVIDs TEA


fantasy island by DAVIDs TEA

fantasy island by DAVIDs TEA

I finished my awful assignment yesterday, so my awesome vacation staycation starts today! I would love nothing more than to leave the dismal grey of Canada’s winter and head south to blue skies, blue oceans, white sand, and green palm trees. But the finances of grad students are notoriously non-existent, and this forced hiatus from work means 2 months with no pay. Nothing is more needed now than…..Fantasy Island! (You have to say that in Mr. Rourke’s voice!) Pure FANTASY is the only island I’m getting close to!

Welcome!… to Fantasy Island!!

There’s Tattoo! And there are the hula girls! And there’s the handsome dude in a leisure suit and the cheesy moustache that I will fall in love with by the end of the episode, if I can only learn to let my hair down and find my inner goddess out there in the jungle!

This black tea blends coconut and raspberry and asks, “Are you ready to fall in love?”.  I sure am!! Let’s do it! Let’s fall in love!!

Ok… back to the tea. Out of the tin, it smells like… coconut!! More coconut!! I’m starting to feel like all the teas have been replaced by coconut! Seriously…13 of my last 12 teas have been all about coconut!! What’s with all the coconut? Is it cheaper than actual tea? Is there a worldwide coconut conspiracy? I like coconut to some degree…but I’m thinking my fantasy island needs  a coconut-free policy. The next 5 teas need to be coconut free!

So, steeped, this is a lovely reddish black tea colour, and it smells like…coconut. The first sip. WOW! Doesn’t taste like coconut! There’s the raspberry! Oh! This is a lovely, refreshing, not-too-overpowering, light, cheerful, fruity, raspberry taste! With a tiny hint of coconut which nicely balances the fruit. It’s fantastic!

This tea tastes like raspberry ripple ice-cream. Or raspberry sorbet. It’s a swirly pinkish-purplish mix of raspberries and cream.

This is definitely worth the trip to Fantasy Island! Don’t let the coconut scare you.

Now, where’s that leisure-suit guy?

This tea is available at DAVIDs TEA and is part of the “fair trade collection”.

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