organic buttered rum: DAVIDs TEA

organic buttered rum by DAVIDs TEA

organic buttered rum by DAVIDs TEA

Ahoy thar mateys! Aaaaarrrr!!!

This buried treasure washed up in my tea cupboard, and it’s been calling my name for weeks! I’ve been saving it for a special day… and today’s the day! I’m putting the finishing touches on my horrible research paper, stuffing it in an old bottle, and tossing it out to sea, hopefully never to be heard from again!  In the meantime, I’ve got this tempting, tantalizing, sweet buttered rum ….uh…tea…to guzzle!

It’s so pretty to look at, with its shredded coconut and little blue….what are those?? cornflowers? and the …bark? What is that?? Not only did I walk the plank, but they threw the plank in after me! AAArrrrrrr!!! Need some tea, ya scurvy rascals!

The tea smells like sweeeeeet buttery, caramely, coconuty, goodness. Rich and smooth and decadent. It brews up to the colour of dark rum. Yum! The first sip is smooth…like warm, buttery velvet. It tastes a bit like popcorn…yes…buttered popcorn….with a tiny hint of vanilla!

DAVIDs TEA suggests adding some dark rum “to indulge your inner pirate”. Who am I to argue with Captain Dave?

Hello darkness, my old friend….  Bacardi Gold that is…. AAArrrrrrrr!!!  Now THAT is a cuppa fit for Captains Morgan, Hook, Sensible, and Kangaroo!!

The rum does make it better. Where it was sweet and buttery tea….now it’s much deeper, more layered, textured, rich, and smooth…like velvet.

Now where’s my monkey?! AAAArrrrrrrr!

This black tea is available at DAVIDs TEA.

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