organic cinnamon rooibos chai: DAVIDs TEA

organic cinnamon rooibos chai by DAVIDs TEA

Look at that! Looooook at thaaaatt!!! Do you see that gorgeous deep rich red? This is fire. Red hot embers. It glows.

This tea with a too long name claims that it “enhances your ability to concentrate”. Do I need that? Well, I’m sitting here writing a blog about organic cinnamon rooibos chai instead of writing a paper about online formative assessment, and before that I was reading a juicy expose about Scientology, and before that I was washing the dishes, and before that, I was searching for a replacement drill battery,and….well….concentration is in short supply around here.

So, I`m not a huge fan of chai these days. I went through a chai craze a couple of years ago, and I think I got all chai-ed out. The cinnamon was always too strong. I don’t like the ‘hot’ spicy taste too much. But I`m enchanted with the fiery red rooibos and the promise of ‘enhanced concentration’, so I’m gonna give it a go!

Opening the tin, it smells like Christmas. The combination of cinnamon, cloves, and oranges always smells like Christmas to me. I should have had this one a month ago when the Christmas lights and stockings were up!

Brewed, the tea is a deep glowing red and smells like cinnamon hearts. There we go…Christmas AND Valentine’s Day all in one!

The taste is WOW! Nice! It’s a sweet cinnamon and orange, without the fire! It’s a very pleasant cinnamon…not too hot. This could be the perfect chai! I think the orange balances it beautifully. I can’t believe this cinnamon! It tastes so good, and isn’t burning my tongue! This is delightful!

Ohhh… I’d better go now…time to get back to work… I feel some concentration coming on.

This rooibos (which isn’t really tea, by the way) is available at DAVIDs TEA.

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