la la lemon: DAVIDs TEA

It’s Sunday morning and I have a long day of writing ahead of me. As usual, I find this prospect less than thrilling. Looking in the “magic tea cupboard” to find something inspiring, I find this DAVIDs TEA called “La La Lemon” which claims “When you’re drinking the smoothest, most lemony-citrus black tea on earth, just about anything is possible.” Yup! That’s what I need! A whole lotta “anything is possible”!
la la lemon from DAVIDs TEA
First of all, the name reminds me of this gem from 1971:

Hey, if Ernie and Bert have written a song about it, it can’t be too bad!

I open the tin and take a little sniff…


We’re talking nuclear lemon!! This is waaaaaayyyyyyyyy past normal on the Lemon Scale!
This could be good! Perhaps it will electrify my brain with super lemony lemon power and I will write 3000 words and finish my stupid paper!!
It smells better once steeped. It’s surprisingly pleasant, rather than nuclear. It’s a la la lovely rich black tea with a la la luscious lemon aftertaste. No acid, no bitterness. It’s smooth, as promised.
I definitely think this will get me through the day. It’s fresh, crisp, rich, and surprising! The perfect combination to make anything possible! OK, everybody…. La la la la la with meeeeeeeeee!!!!
This organic tea comes from DAVIDs TEA and is part of “the fair trade collection”.

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