Strawberry Coconut Pu’erh: Bulk Barn

Pick me up! Perk me up! Wake me up! Shake me up! I need something to put some sparkle in my day! Something pink and glittery would be nice. I’m hoping this Strawberry Coconut Pu’erh will do the trick!

Strawberry Coconut Pu’erh

No glitter, but it does smell pink! Out of the jar, it smells like strawberry and chocolate…like Neopolitan Ice-cream. Like a milkshake in a tall soda-fountain glass. Like youth! I think I’ll drink it in my Easter-chick mug for extra happiness.

Steeped, it’s a deep caramel colour. The first sip is mild, and a little sweet. There isn’t any obvious strawberry, or coconut flavour. It just tastes like a nice mellow, sweet tea…. (disappointed…no glitter!).

AAAHHHHHH…There it is!! It’s in the aftertaste! OK… that’s not a bad thing. It’s unexpected, but unmistakable….strawberry. I can’t find the coconut, but maybe that’s working behind the scenes to temper the fruit and give it some smoothness. This isn’t a powerful tea. It feels like a warm, fuzzy pink blanket. Or bunny slippers. Soft, and girly. “Strawberry Shortcake” rather than “Powerpuff Girls”.

This tea came from Bulk Barn.

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