Coconut Oolong: Tsaa Tea Shop

Coconut Oolong

Coconut Oolong by Tsaa Tea Shop


It is with profound sorrow that I announce…. the last of my Coconut Oolong by Tsaa Tea Shop.

This tea is sublime. It is a warm hug from a dear friend. It is a magic carpet ride through the clouds. It is a lullaby that sings you to sleep. It is world peace. It is pure bliss.

I fell in love with it at last year’s Toronto Tea Festival. I stupidly bought a very small sample packet and then had to carefully ration it to make it last as long as possible. I’ve been using it sparingly… kind of like your grandmother’s fine china that is ‘too good’ for everyday use.

This is the last of it. The end. Enough for one cup. I almost wanted to lick the bag, just to get every last particle. Weird because I’m not even a fan of coconut!

Opening the bag, it smells like toasted marshmallows…and coconut. The smell alone gives me a buzz. What do they put in this stuff?!

The first sip is smooth, nutty, and sweet. It’s like drinking warm silk, if that were possible. I take my time sipping this one…It makes my brain hum, and every muscle, nerve, and sinew instantly go all loosey-goosey!

Luckily, the Toronto Tea Festival 2014 is coming up soon! I intend to seek out Tsaa Tea Shop…hunt them down and buy this priceless gem in the largest, most industrial size available! **Note to Tsaa…Bring Lots!!

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