green & fruity: DAVIDs TEA


green and fruity by DAVIDs TEA

Green & Fruity….take me away!!!

In my mind, there is a picture of ‘The Jungle’. Highly influenced by Saturday morning cartoons and Indiana Jones movies, this jungle features that humid air echo-y sound, green ferns and banana trees with water dripping off the leaves, the sounds of exotic birds ringing through the trees, and maybe a waterfall surrounded by brilliant red and orange flowers….you know the one.

This tea smells like that.

Out of the tin, this Rooibos from DAVIDs TEA smells like mouth-watering papaya, mango, peach and the colour lime green (do colours smell? Yes…this tea smells like lime green). Steeped, it’s the colour of sunrise.

The first sip is a mild, mellow peachy taste, without the cloying acid of other fruit teas. It has a mellow undertone like….vanilla…cream…marshmallow… but clean. Refreshing, clean, and exotic.

On a lazy Sunday morning, staring out the window at the  flying snow, this tea is the perfect escape. It takes me away from all this winter grey, into that colour-drenched, hot, humid, luscious jungle in my mind. Gorgeous!

This tea is available from DAVIDs TEA, and is a part of  “the fair trade collection”.

P.S. I’ve been to the jungle and it was nothing like this. The only thing I could smell was the mosquito repellent which I had to apply by the bucketful…..but let’s not spoil the illusion.

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