Zen: Tazo

zen by TAZO

I always keep a pitcher of cold tea in the fridge. I don’t drink pop or juice, so tea is my all-day go-to drink. I fill the pitcher every morning and guzzle it all day, while trying to pretend that it’s the awesome bottled cold teas in Japan! If they can bottle and sell billions of gallons of UNSWEETENED cold tea every year, WHY THE HECK CAN’T WE???
I don’t use the ‘finest’ teas for this. These are usually ‘supermarket’ teas, or fruit teas, or teas that I don’t like very much and want to get rid of quickly. It’s the tea equivalent of ‘plonk’.
Today’s cold brew is Tazo’s “zen” which labels itself as “A harmonious blend of green tea with lemongrass & spearmint”.  Upon opening the bags the zesty lemon smell instantly jolts you into a higher awareness! I don’t find it particularly soothing. Once steeped (I fill the pitcher with cold water and stick it in the fridge), the tea is a light golden colour and smells like lemon. The taste is a little more subtle though, as the spearmint tempers the citrus, giving it a cool, lemony-summery-breezy feel. It instantly takes me back to childhood summer days, lying in a grassy field of dandelions, and watching the fluff drift up into the sunshine. Therein lies the ‘zen’, I guess.
Light, cool, lemony, breezy, sunny…a much needed spot of sunshine on a frigid Canadian winter’s day.
This boxed green tea is available in most supermarkets and at tazo.com

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