Da Hong Pao: Tao Tea Leaf

Da Hong Pao by Tao Tea Leaf

Da Hong Pao by Tao Tea Leaf

Well, now you’ve done it! Started a new blog. Not like you have a gigantic paper to write or anything….

So, here it is….my new blog about TEA! Why on earth would I, at this moment, decide to start a new blog about anything, let alone tea?!
That’s why!
And… I love tea. I mean… I LOVE TEA! No cappucino for me! No pumpkin spice latte! Pop, Diet Pop, Cocoa, Coffee, Espresso, Nescafe, Starbucks, Timmies, Folgers and Juan Valdez….Who needs em?! Just gotta have tea!
Here’s the deal. There are currently 55 different kinds of tea in my cupboard! I don’t even know how that happened! About 30 of them I’ve never tried. Every time I try a new tea, I’m going to write about it. If you like tea, you can follow along. If you don’t care, I don’t care either. This club is for tea-lovers only.
First post:
Tao Tea Leaf’s  Da Hong Pao (also known as ‘Big Red Robe’ according to Wikipedia) is an Oolong with attitude! I was in the midst of analyzing some particularly boring data for my excruciatingly boring research project when I felt I could use a swift kick in the butt to get myself going! Usually when I need a mid afternoon burst of energy, I brew up some “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.”, or a nice strong chai. But today I really needed something STRONG! This little sample has been sitting in the cupboard for a while, and I’ve been a little intimidated by it. I expected it to be STRONG, and that’s not usually what I want.
Upon opening it, I knew it would work. Now I’m no ‘tea sommelier’ (although it sounds like a delicious career), so I’m just going to tell you my uneducated impressions right from the gut.
This tea smells strong, dark, musky, woody, and dirrrrrrty! It smells like the black earth that hides deep under the roots of thousand year old oak trees. Exactly what I needed! The strength and endurance of an oak tree….
The taste was dark and earthy, rusty and musty, with that classic Oolong oxidization. And I mean that in the best way. I wanted the power of the earth. I got it. Two cups got me through my data and I felt like a warrior!
This tea comes from Tao Tea Leaf  in Toronto. I purchased the sample from http://teafestivaltoronto.com/
I am not a paid sales rep. I just love tea and want to talk about it.

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